Prescription Sunglasses: Providing Superior Eye Protection When Outdoors

Prescription Sunglasses

Are you planning to head over to the beach or set up camp in your favorite national park? You’re probably one of those people who doesn’t leave anything to chance and always makes sure that you’re 100% protected from the elements. You wear your favorite wide-brimmed hat to shield your face, head, and neck from the sun and the rain. You also have your windbreaker, insect repellent, and sunscreen lotion.

But are your eyes protected from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays?

With prescription sunglasses, you can have clear vision and superior UV protection at the same time!

Why Wear Prescription Sunglasses?

Man wearing Prescription Sunglass

You love your prescription eyeglasses and wearing them indoors or outdoors has been fantastic. But you can’t help but squint every time you’re outdoors because of the bright rays of the sun. And lately, you’ve noticed that you already have a few wrinkles around your eyes thanks to squinting every day. In this case, prescription sunglasses are definitely a must.

Prescription sunglasses are similar to your ordinary prescription eyeglasses as the lenses are crafted based on your optometrist’s prescription. This allows you to have clear vision while working, playing, or relaxing outdoors. 

The best thing about this type of eyewear is that it shields your eyes from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. They also help prevent eye conditions linked to sun damage, such as sunburn, macular degeneration, pinguecula, pterygia, and cataracts.

These sunglasses are also stylish! You can choose from a wide array of sunglass styles that compliment your face shape and match your personal style.

Facts About Prescription

Do you wear bifocals? You can get prescription sunglasses with bifocal lenses, too! With bifocals, you can read small labels and books easily while outdoors. You can also drive or just take in magnificent scenery with your bifocal sunglasses.

If you want a more seamless and modern look, then try prescription sunglasses with progressive lenses. 

An anti-glare or polarized film can also be applied if you’re frequently outdoors. This add-on is perfect for people working or playing outdoors as they reduce glare and improve the clarity of your vision. Plus, they help prevent eye strain, so your eyes feel refreshed outdoors for longer.

Prescription sunglasses can also be customised so that it wraps all over your eyes and shields them from the elements 100%. These are a little harder to craft because of their curved lenses, but the best and most experienced lens crafters should have no problem producing them.

Do you like mirrored lenses? Look stylish while shielding your eyes with prescription sunglasses that come with mirrored lenses. These are crafted by applying a unique coating to the lens.

Saving your eyesight starts today! If you wish to shield your eyes from damaging rays and get clear vision every time you head outdoors, then get your prescription sunglasses now with Vision Eye Health. Simply book an appointment with us and get a personalised and accurate prescription from our experienced and professional optometrist. Do your future self a favor by getting your prescription sunglasses now.