Children’s Vision: Your Handy Back-To-School Eye Health Checklist

Back-To-School Eye Health Checklist

Have you noticed that your child has been squinting a lot lately? Or have they complained of eye pain or soreness in the past few days? Before schools resume this month, it’s important to prioritise your child’s vision and have their eyesight checked first.

Remember, kids are not as aware of how their bodies should work as we adults are. Children, especially the youngest ones, do not know if their vision is blurry or if they should be alarmed whenever they experience pain in their eyes. 

That’s why it’s up to parents and primary caregivers to be keen observers and check whether kids are experiencing any sort of vision problems. 

Don’t know where to start? Here’s Vision Eye Health’s handy back-to-school eye health checklist for Gold Coast parents.

Back-To-School Eye Health Checklist for Parents

1. They're holding objects too close to their faces to examine them.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s normal for children to hold books, toys, and other objects too close to their faces occasionally. After all, their eyes are still developing and they’re still trying to make sense of what they’re looking at.

But if they haven’t outgrown it or they’re holding it very close to the point that it’s only an inch or so from their eyes or noses, then there’s definitely cause for alarm. Book an appointment with your local optometrist on the Gold Coast and have their vision checked immediately

2. They seem overly clumsy.


Does your child trip or fall easily? Do they constantly bump into things or unable to see a glass window or door even if it’s in front of them? Then your child might have a vision problem that needs to be checked by an optometrist. 

3. They experience constant eye fatigue.

Eye fatigue is completely normal, especially if your child has been reading or staring at a screen for hours. But if they still complain that their eyes are tired even just after waking up or doing minimal tasks, then it’s definitely time to have your child’s eyes checked.

4. They just have to sit too close to the television.

Any exasperated parent knows that kids love sitting in front of the TV. But if your child still sits in front of the TV after you’ve told them to sit farther away numerous times, or if they constantly complain that they can’t see the images properly when they sit a few feet away from the TV, then there’s something wrong with their vision.

5. Their eyes seem like they are looking in two different directions.

sign of strabismus

Eyes pointing in two different directions at the same time are typically the first sign of strabismus or misaligned eyes.

6. They frequently rub their eyes.

Children often rub their eyes when they’re tired or when they cry. But if your child complains of pain and is rubbing their eyes constantly, then it could be a sign of an eye problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Remember, your child’s vision can affect their performance in school and can greatly affect their quality of life. So be proactive when it comes to children’s vision, and use this back-to-school checklist!