dry eye treatments

What is a Dry eye treatment?

Dry Eyes can feel like watery, stingy, gritty, burning eyes and there are many different types of dry eye and many different ways of managing dry eye depending on the type of dry eye.

Our optometrists can recommend and prescribe specific eye drop/s and other treatments to help manage your dry eye. Unfortunately, there is no cure, no one single treatment that will remove your dry eye permanently.

Bruder Heat Mask:

The Bruder Heat Mask is an “at home” treatment; like a steam bath for your eyes, similar to wheat bags for your muscles. The mask contains beads that retain moisture, which is activated when heated in the microwave for 20-30seconds. Placing the mask on your eyes for 10minutes melts the oils and any blockages in the glands along your eyelids so that they can function better to lubricate your eyes.


Blephasteam is an “in office” treatment; like a steam bath for your eyes.

Blephasteam® provides a moisture and heat therapy. This dual action melts the secretions and obstructions of the glands in the eyelids which produce part of the tear film. This is then coupled with expression of the glands by our optometrists to clear blockages in the glands and help them to function better.

The Blephasteam dry eye treatment and Bruder Heat Masks are available at both our stores in Runaway Bay and Southport Park.


Your diet can play an important role in causing dry eye. Omega 3s are required by the glands along your eyelashes to produce quality lubrication for your eyes. Omega 3s are found highest in fish such as Salmon, Mackeral and trout. Other vegetarian/vegan options include flaxseed oil. Generally eating fish 2-3 times per week or equivalent supplements is sufficient.

Please take advice on this page as general advice. We highly recommend seeing our optometrists who can provide you with a tailored dry eye treatment plan.