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A child with Retinoblastoma

Everything You Needed to Know About Retinoblastoma

September is designated as International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This month, we want to put a spotlight on retinoblastoma, an extremely rare form of eye cancer that affects children. In this blog, we’ll discuss this disease, its various symptoms, what exactly causes this cancer, and the different treatment available right now. You’re probably asking if

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Macular Degeneration Chart

May is Macula Month!

It’s May once again, and it’s Macula Month! During the whole month of May, we are ramping up our efforts on raising awareness about the different types of macular diseases and their causes. Our goal is to get ordinary Gold Coast people to learn about them, how you can lower your chances of developing macular

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eye posture-computer use

Digital Eye Strain

VISION EYE HEALTH – YOUR MOST LOVED OPTOMETRISTS ON THE GOLD COAST Are you in need of an Optometrist on the Gold Coast? Vision Eye Health are your friendly professional eye service providers with over 35 years of experience. Today we are going to discuss a particular eye problem called digital eye strain. UNDERSTANDING DIGITAL

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